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Africa is the largest potential growth area for fertilizers demand for food production in the coming years. African fertilizer demand is expected to grow 26% from 1.4m. nutrient tonnes in 2015 to 6.9m. tonnes in 2020: Sub-Sahara Africa will grow 31% and North Africa 18%. But much more needs to be done and more support to be given to achieve this and to make sure the average fertilizer application rate rise to 30kg/ha in 2030 from 12 kg/ha in 2015.

The map displays the following data:

  • trade flows of various fertilizer products into and from Africa
  • consumption data and projections to 2020
  • major plants and projects, ports, rail and truck facilities and main trade corridors in Sub-Sahara Africa

The map is an excellent tool to develop awareness and provide data on Africa, particularly on Africa Sub-Sahara, as well as profiling companies active in this key sector of fertilizer growth.