Policy Design and Implementation

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AFAP works to build enabling enviroment for fertilizer sector growth in Africa. Our premise is that an enabling environment is critical for increased private sector participation and investment in the fertilizer space. Therefore AFAP works to facilitate private sector input to fertilizer policy design and implementation in order to create a more enabling environment for fertilizer business.  We do this by offering a range of policy advisory services as follows:

  • Support for public-private dialogs (PPDs)
  • Support to national fertilizer trade associations and agrodealer associations
  • Policy Services to the Private Sector – AFAP provides policy advice to private companies on how to navigate policy and regulatory issues that affect their operations
  • Policy Support to Government – AFAP policy support to governments includes: analysis of fertilizer policies and regulations using a private sector lens to identify constraints to fertilizer supply and distribution and recommendations on how to make the policy environment more private sector friendly