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A range of technical and advisory services on an on-going or ad-hoc basis, including:

  1. Market Entry Services: Specialist advice on developing investment and trade relationships to international agriculture inputs and agribusiness companies interested in trading, value creation and investing in Africa in the input and outputs markets
  2. Hub-Agrodealer Development: Identification, mapping, capacity building
  3. Market Analysis: Advice on Africa Agriculture landscape and commercial issues including fertilizer blending plant feasibility studies, blending plant audits, and conceptualization
  4. Linkages to Public Sector: Facilitate beneficial Public Private Partnerships to develop sustainable and competitive Agriculture inputs and Agribusiness value-chains
  5. Business to Business Linkages: Facilitate business to business interactions and linkages to qualified SMEs to increase market share and revenue of clients
  6. Inputs Subsidy Programs Advisory: To help government make the appropriate evidence-based decision regarding subsidies
  7. Acces to Output Markets: AFAP helps farmers to develop the right products and deliver them to markets that demand them while showing profitabilty per crop and region